Dalbygda - lokalt initiativ for ny fornybar energi


Solvind Prosjekt AS held a 25 % share of the Dalbygda wind project since November 2013. The project is a cooperation between landowners and Solvind. The application for building concession was submitted in March 2012. The provisional building concession has been given by NVE in December 2014.


The wind farm is located close to Dalbygda, around 7 km southeast of Skjold in the Tysvær municipality in Rogaland. Situated around 300 m above sea level on a mountain plateau, the surrounding is determined by heather, rock and pine trees. The location has very good wind conditions.


Approximately 14 wind turbines with a total installed capacity up to 40 MW and an estimated yearly energy output of 125 GWh are planned. The hub height of the wind turbines will be between 100 m and 140 m.  A 120 m measurement mast has been installed in September 2014. Further measurements are planned. The grid connection point (66 kV transmission line) is located around 1 km from to wind farm.


Kart over prosjektet


mølle type, eksempel:14 stykk Nordex N90
prosjektstatus:konsesjon gitt av NVE

Fysiske mål

godkjent inst. effekt:42 MW
generatoreffekt:2500 kW
navhøyde:100 meter
rotordiameter:90 meter
totalhøyde:145 meter


estimert produksjon:125.000.000 kWh/år