Storøya - New and clean industrial power


Storøy Vindkraftverk was built in the first halv of 2018 and went operational in September of the same year. The chosen turbin is the Enercon E-115 with a 3.2 MW generator. Both turbines together produce approximately 25 GWh renewable electricity. The wind farm was sold turn-key to the swiss company aventron. Storøy is the first wind power project for aventron in Norway although they already own some hydropower plants here.

The first steps to produce renewable energy in the industrial area on the island Storøya in Karmøy municipality started back in 2007. In the first application Solvind applied locally for two smaller windmills (up to 90 metres), and received the go ahead from the Ministry of the Environment in 2012. When the potential of the project was deemed to be higher Solvind applied for two larger windmills, 6 MW in total, in 2013. Concession was granted by NVE in August 2013, but the neighboring municipality of Haugesund and others appealed, and the concession was finally granted by OED in March 2014.

Solvind have a close co-operation with the owner of the area, Norsk Sanerings Service AS (NSS). As owner of the landfill on which the turbines were built, NSS carried out the earthworks for the wind farm.


The project are localized on the island of Storøya north in Karmøy municipality, right next to the city of Haugesund. The location in the industrial area out by the sea has many advantages. There is a good distance to the closest neighbors, very good existing infrastructure, and there is a high consumption of energy locally. Since it is an industrial area there will be very few additional effects on the environment and landscape. This is true not only for the area itself but also for the industrial area in Haugesund on the other side of the strait.

The location has excellent wind conditions. With its proximity to Haugesund the windmills can be called "urban windmills." There are several exciting projects like these around the world where the windmills are located in industrial areas or next to the city. Hamburg and Copenhagen are examples of cities with "urban windmills".


Two wind turbines of 3.2 MW (Enercon E-115), with an estimated yearly output of 25 GWH, were built. The total height is 150 meters. Feeding the produced power will take place to the existing 22 kV grid in the landfill. The development of a new grid was minimal, only a few hundred meters with new cable had to be laid. Also, for access to the wind turbines, construction was minimal, as the road exists all the way.


Project map

Existing municipal plan with drawn-in locations for windmills
Existing municipal plan with drawn-in locations for windmills
Map photo locations
Map photo locations

Project Info Storøya


Municipality plan for Storøya and environs
Control plan map proposal
Overview image points

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Media 24.06.2008 First time in the newspaper 24.06.2008 Positive landowner 25.06.2008 Editorial: no to Storøy 11.07.2009 Positive politicians in Karmøy 13.07.2009 Editorial: We don't want to see them!

H-avis 31.08.2009 Not online, objection from Haugesund municipality


Project data Storøya

windmill class:Enercon E-82
start of project:2014

Physical measurements

effect of generator:3000 kW
hub height:85 meter
rotor diameter:82 meter
total height:125 meter

Production figures

estimated production:17.500.000 kWh/per year


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