Åsen I - Pioneer wind power project



In April 2004 Solvind carried out its first wind power project. It was the first commercial wind power project in Rogaland since 1987, when Kleppemøllen was built near Folkhøgskolen. The windmills at Åsen in Time municipality are not as large as newer models, but they are still the largest between Lindesnes and Mehuken, a distance of 500 kilometers coastline. Even though this fact is flattering for Solvind, it does not make us happy. It only shows how far behind Norway is in utilizing its wind resources. A rather irresponsible behaviour when compared to Norway's massive oil production, and the responsibility this brings about.


The windmills are located just outside the community of Lyefjell nearby Bryne. Many of the neighbors have had first-hand experience with the windmills, and the conclusion for most of the neighbours is that it is acceptable with a windmill nearby. The windmills are also located close to the walking track "gamle prestaveien" ("old priest road"), which runs from Ålgård to Bryne. Due to the proximity to this recreational area, the windmills have acted as a test project for windmills close to recreational areas. In a survey by Solvind the result was predominantly positive.


The two 100 kW generators was connected to an existing transformer. The transformer was, however, replaced by a larger transformer. Therefore the infrastructure was relatively inexpensive, and can in addition supply the nearby farm with electricity. Solvind owns 100 percent of the project, and has gained valuable experience which will be implemented in several areas of our areas of business.


Project map


Project coordinates

Coordinates Euref 89 UTM zone 32:
east: 312038  north: 6515192

LINK: Map of Rogaland

LINK: Aerial photo from FM

Project data

windmill class: Vestas V20
building year (windmills):1987
start of project:April 2004

Physical measurements

effect of generator:100 kW
height rotor spider:21 meter
diameter rotor:20 meter
total height:31 meter

Production figures

estimated production:350.000 kWh/per year
average production:345.000 kWh/per year




There are no documents regarding Åsen I. The application for Åsen II can be found at the project description for Åsen II.