We are Solvind

Solvind is the name we have given our involvement and our pleasure of working with renewable energy. Sun and wind (sol and vind in Norwegian) makes our eventful everyday life possible, and can together supply the world with all the energy we will need for our energy demanding lifestyle many times over.

For Solvind working with renewable energy is something we care deeply about, and we want to create a company which is constantly looking towards the future. The involvement, qualifications and experience of our staff is the key to achieving our goals.

Meet the people in Solvind.


Entrepreneur and managing director

Jan was born in Berlin, but have been living in Norway since 1995. He spent time studying at Agder HiA and the University College FHTW Berlin, studying renewable energy and electrical engineering. The opportunity to create and harvest energy through natures everlasting energy sources exited Jan and was a strong motivation to form Solvind.

Jan`s strength includes finding solutions for technical and economic challenges. He is focused on progress and developing the company further. Besides being managing director he is also project manager and is responsible for building processes, finances and investments.

Can be contacted at

mobil:+47 4004 2696

Entrepreneur and co-owner

Bjørn Hjertenes

Bjørn`s academic background are from IT studies with an emphasis on infrastructure and project work. Growing up in Jørpeland with vicinity to several hydrowpower installations his interest in harvesting energy from nature has awoken at an early age. Spending time in the Netherlands visting family made him familiar wth wind power as well.

When the opportunity to cooperate wiht Jan in Solvind presented itself it was an easy choice for Bjørn. Bjørn works as project leader as well as being in charge of technical operation of the windturbines, contact with authorities and administration. 

Can be contacted at:

mobil: + 47 9174 2008
mail: bjoern.hjertenes(a)solvind.no

Eng University of Applied Sciencesineer

Kai Bekel

Moritz has a degree of diploma engineer from the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen in Germany specializing in renewable energy. He has a background from the German wind power business, and has done engineering work at DEWI GmbH. In Solvind he is chief of technical department.

Moritz has responsibility for the technical engineering within our wind power installations and projects, and is doing layout and production analyses.

Can be contacted at:

mobil:     +47 9068 6779

Leader of the Board

Tor Eskeland

Tor was born and raised in Stavanger, making him a genuine "Siddis". He has experience as earlier financial manager in Aker ASA, Deloitte and Semco. Today he is a partner in Synergia AS, and is involved in Solvind in different areas. His academic background is an MBA Finance and BS International Business from the United States.

Tor was brought in in 2013 to help with the development of the company and as a sparring partner. Extra focus have been on development of the business, structuralization, and networking against both related businesses and especially the financial community.

Can be contacted at:

mobil:     +47 9066 0950